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Transitioning from Disc 1 to Disc 2 - PS1 Emulator

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    @therealrahlin I literally repeated what the docs said - how is that confusing ?

    .. RetroArch by creating an M3U file (plain-text, ".m3u" extension). In it's contents, enter the filenames of the CUE/TOC/CCD files one per line. In game you can then swap disks from the core disk options menu (under Options). Make sure to cycle tray status before attempting to change disks.

    To have the M3U file be the only item listed in Emulation Station to reduced menu clutter:

    Replace the .cue extension on the multi-disc files with .CD1 .CD2 and so on so that es_systems.cfg won't list them.
    Replace the .cue extension you reference them in the M3U with appropriate ones (.CD1 .CD2 etc).

    The docs also give you an example for MGS which is quite clear.

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  • @mitu

  • Hi @therealrahlin. I may be completely wrong here (please ignore me if this is the case!) but could your issue have anything to do with the fact that you are selecting the .bin file when changing discs and not the .cue file? It is the .cue that shows in EmulationStation and is required to run the game.

    My psx games are all in the bin/cue format, but I am yet to play a multi-disc game. I am very interested in hearing how you get this sorted so will be watching this thread with interest!

  • @omen_peter
    Could be, but I played through the whole first disk without any problems at all. Not so much as a crash. even running the hd hack and speed hack as well as bilinear filtering.

  • @mitu
    Okay, after going through and renaming all the files properly and then re booting the emulationstation I cycle to my game and go to load, there are now 3 files.

    Parasite Eve
    Parasite Eve (Disc 1).cd1
    Parasite Eve (Disc 2).cd2

    Here are the files,
    Screenshot (3).png

    and the file I made for the .m3u
    Screenshot (4).png

    I have yet to get this to work, the Parasite Eve file will not load up at all. Thankfully I found my old psp memory card with my eboot .pbp files on it. I'm going to try to transfer those for my multi-disk games and see if they actually work.

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    It's because you actually renamed the .cue files .cd1.cueand .cd2.cue. Enable the show file extension option in Windows explorer to see the REAL extension of the files. You didn't rename the files properly.

  • @mitu thatss why I said its way too confusing for beginners to do this, just because I opened it up in notepad++ and changed it doesn't mean it actually changes the extension, that's what I was asking about earlier when I said im supposed to rename the files. It wont change the format. Im will be making a youtube tutorial for beginners so they can understand this, IF I EVER GET IT FIGURED OUT. Im going to push Eboots for .pbp files because it seems that's the only real way retroarch can run the ps1 multi disk games.

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    @therealrahlin Seriously ? The 1st step is to rename the files - if you don't know how to rename a file, then the docs are irrelevant for you.

  • @mitu I figured it out.
    Also, do the psp eboot games run slower than the normal bin and cue format? Parasite Eve II runs really slow, A lot of lag on the psp .pbp eboot.

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