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Bezel Project Problems with Snes

  • Hello, I'm extremely green in raspberry pi/ retropie mod ding and emulation but I've learned a lot in such a short time. Excuse me if this issue has been discussed before but I'm havino trouble finding anything related to my issue on here or anywhere else.
    I've installed and implemented the bezel project and it works for all my supported systems except the snes. Well, technically it works, but I'm only getting a generic snes bezel for all my games. It doesn't seem to be a naming conflict or anything as it works with my genesis system just fine and I get my games from the same place. I was wondering if it was a known issue or just some simple mistake.

    Cliff notes ver.
    Bezel project works for my other systems in retropie. Snes only shows generic snes bezel across all games.

    Running latest versions of retropie and bezel project on 3 b plus.

    I apologise for any newbie errors as I'm still new to this and forum diction/conduction.

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    @VeilCrow said in Bezel Project Problems with Snes:

    I was wondering if it was a known issue or just some simple mistake.

    The Bezel project is not distributed by RetroPie, so I can't say if it's just a mistake or a known issue.
    What emulator are you using ? I see the Bezel project provides configurations for the snes9x and snes9x 2010 emulators .
    Is this the overlay/bezel you're seeing ?

  • @mitu Thanks for replying. I'm using whatever is default in retropie for emulation. And yes that is the bezel I see when playing.

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    @VeilCrow said in Bezel Project Problems with Snes:

    I'm using whatever is default in retropie for emulation

    Well, check if you're using one of the supported emulators by the Bezel project. When starting a SNES game, press a button when the Runcommand launch menu is shown and check which is the emulator used for the system (SNES).

  • @mitu I've figured it out. It was naming conflicts. I feel dumb. You're input is much appreciated and sorry for slow replies.
    But now that I've fixed the problem for snes and the rest of my psx roms it seems I've opened another can of worms. When I rescraped with sselph scraper it duplicated some of my games. It's really soaked up my weekend and my patience lol. But I'll figure it out.

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    @VeilCrow It's probably because it counted your .bin files as ROMs , along with the corresponding .cue files. I can't find an option in the parameters to skip some extensions, so my advice would be to move out the .bin files into a separate folder, then scrape only the .cue files.

  • @mitu Yeah I figured it might be that. Strange thing is its only some of my psx roms. Others are fine. But I'll definitely try you suggestion.
    Thanks for all the help. I must say the retropie bug bit me hard and I'm loving every minute of it. Even the frustrating parts lol.

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