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dual screen setup with official 7" touchscreen

  • Hi,

    First of all, awesome project! I can now play the C64 and arcade games again I used to play as a kid :D

    My wife bought me a pi (model 3b+) with the official touchscreen and I was thinking about a setup like this:

    I have the pi standing on the table or something, using it as some sort of 'remote control'. When I select a game, it switches to HDMI and plays the game there. Then, when the game ends, the display returns to the touchscreen again.

    I have also installed kodi, which can be accessed through Ports. Same story here, but perhaps slightly different: I want to select a movie or something using the touchscreen, and the actual movie plays through HDMI.

    I'm not afraid of doing some scripting (I'm pretty good with bash and python) but I've been reading mixed stories. Some say it's possible, others say it's a hardware limitation. I'm aware of the lcd_ignore option you set in config.txt, but I would prefer if I didn't need to reboot the pi every time.

    So, anyone? :)

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