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Manual backup from micro SD card which is about to die

  • My SD card with retropie on it is most likely dying. I could backup it with Win32 Disk Imager just 2 weeks ago but now I am getting immediate CRC errors when trying it.
    Since Retropie still works flawlessly and all files and folders can be accessed remotely, my thought is: copy the individual (custom/changed) stuff to my PC harddisk, take a new card, put a fresh Retropie image onto it (same version/build as the one on the current card) and afterwards, copy back my stuff which I previously copied away.
    Now for the actual content to be saved from the current setup, I thought the following files and folders should cover all I need:


    What's your opinion: Did I consider everything, so when copying this over a fresh image, I should have everything back as it's now, or did I miss something?

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    Don't copy /opt/vc and /opt/retropie, they're re-created by installation. The configs and the roms folders are the most important ones and you should try and back them up first. If you're using WinSFTP instead of File Shares, they're in

    • /opt/retropie/configs
    • /home/pi/RetroPie/roms

  • So referring to option 2 from your link these 4 folder but in addition, ./boot/config.txt

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    @TimZett If you modified your config.txt, then sure, back-it up.

  • Cheers :-D
    Thank you!

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