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I got rid of Ghosts Inputs!!!

  • Hi,

    I managed to get completely rid of ghosts inputs and wanted to share my solution, so maybe it can help somebody.

    I had 2 controllers paired with retropie on the onboard BT, a PS4 V1 controller and an 8bitdo. Both had the ghost inputs problem in menus.
    Maybe some steps are unecessary; feel free to comment, i'll edit the post if it's wrong.

    raspberry switched off.

    plug an usb keyboard.

    Launch retropie

    go to the bluetooth settings, and unpair everything.

    reboot properly.

    Once rebooted, exit emulationstation.

    with SSL edit config.txt with command line sudo "nano /boot/config.txt"

    add "dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt" at the end. Save and Exit properly. Maybe reboot and check the line is still present after reboot to be sure.

    Shutdown everything.

    Get an UBS BT 4.0 plug and play dongle, plug it.

    Switch on retropie and emulationstation.

    Make sure controller are charged.

    Pair again your controllers using the keyboard.

    Reboot properly.

    Emulationstation should propose you to configure the controller, do it.

    Should be ok ! with no ghosts inputs, and a little less lag, depending on the usb dongle quality.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    Using a dongle is a largely known way to get rid of ghost inputs by now, but I think your post is the first one I saw that tried to put it in a step-by-step guide.

    Regarding your guide, I would thin it a bit and remove too obvious and/or specialized steps.


    • The mention of keyboard and SSH (what I think you meant with SSL) isn't really neccessary. It should suffice to say "go to the bluetooth settings" or even in one step "unpair all bluetooth devices in Retropie's bluetooth settings".
    • Likewise, I would just say "edit your config.txt", maybe with sudo nano /boot/config.txt as an example. Also, if there already is a keyboard connected to the Pi, you could just exit Emulation Station by pressing F4 and then enter the nano command. I see no need for SSH in that setup.
    • In short, you should only need a keyboard or SSH for all the steps, not both.

    Just some feedback you asked about. Thanks for contributing!

  • Yeah, the onboard BT of the rpi3b is total crap. I didn't test it but i heard onboard BT is better on rpi3b+

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