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How to change video modes on the fly with VGA666 / Composite?

  • I'm experimenting with changing video modes and refresh rates on the fly, and the "vcgencmd hdmi_cvt" command followed by the usual framebuffer restart commands work well for that when connected with HDMI. No such luck when using the VGA666 or composite, is there an alternative version for that? It should be "dpi_cvt", but it's not recognized as valid with my 3B+.

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    Take a look at a sample RetroTink script. It uses the more fine-grained vcgencmd htmi_timing to generate a video mode and then applies it with tvservice.

  • Is it even possible to change modes on the fly while using composite out? I just tried booting with "good" 15khz hdmi timings that aren't sdtv_mode and it doesnt't work.

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