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New splashscreen issue!

  • I hope this hasn't been answered before but ive searched everywhere! I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ not over clocked, 2.5 amp power supply and im running my video through the 3.5mm jack into an old tv inside an arcade cabinet. Recently I had added a 53 second video splashscreen to give me a more arcade machine feel. However when it started it was cutting in and out and was scrambling. I went into the and removed the -b script, and then went to and added the propper code to fix that.

    NOW the picture quality is great but the entire video stutters and lags when it plays. However when I go into splashscreen menu and click preview it plays flawlessly. Also I did a test and took my Pi out and hooked it up to an hdmi and it ran flawlessly at the start, So it only lags and stutters when its outputting video from the 3.5mm jack. Please help!?

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    Seems similar to this topic. Try adding


    to your /boot/config.txt and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, try changing the -o parameter from -o both to -o local in the splashscreen script.

  • @mitu Thank you, this worked.

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