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How many people here have upgraded from Jessie to Stretch?

  • Just asking out of curiosity. I still have mine on Jesse since my SD card is 128gb and for me to get another one would be okay but the process of putting about 65gb games on my Retropie. Plus it works just fine, that's what I love about Linux

  • I am still on Jessi (thought I had upgraded). The upgrade process seems not to be rock solid and some recommend to start from scratch. This is a big deal to me, as I have a lot of time spend to get it halfway right. And if I start over, then I would also upgrade to Pi3B+. But not getting updates have the "benefit" of staying at a point where everything works. So, for now I stay at Jessie.

  • I did upgrade from Jessie to Stretch with starting from scratch, but in the process doing so, i learned to find out that my Doom ReMood compile no longer worked in Stretch as it did in Jessie. I also looked it up to find out that some of the VideoCore libs have changed names. I also have a spare SD card i use as my test environment.

    I did manage to find out a new way to scrape my roms with all the metadata and the images, making in that way i will never need to scrape again if i want to rebuild my RetroPie system. The program i used is called and it scrapes in high quality.

    So i think if you have a process/way of doing backup/restore with ease, then it will be a lot easier to upgrade.

  • Hi,

    I updated my Banana Pi from Debian Jessie to Stretch by changing /etc/apt/sources.list to point to Debian stretch repositories.

    Now I wonder what needs to be changed in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list

    Inspired by ( I changed the line in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list to:

    deb stretch main stretch-utils stretch-desktop

  • @RedBatman I also have a 128gb SD card so was in the same boat as you. What I did was get a cheap 32 gb SD card and got all my configs, bios and small sized ROMs transfered over. Then once I get everything set back up the way I had it before I'll back up the 32gb image and put it on my 128gb sd card. Then last I'll transfer all the big ROMs over (which are backed up on my computer) and be done.

  • I initially did an upgrade and all was good till the next time I updated Retropie then controller configure screwed up and lots of other things. Bought another MicroSD and did a fresh install of 4.4 and haven’t looked back

  • I followed this post on how to upgrade from Jessie to Stretch without doing a fresh install and it worked for me. But it's officially recommended to do a clean install.

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