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Amiga on a CRT TV?

  • Anybody tried it on a CRT? I'm mainly interested in composite output (SCART scaling should be easier). At the moment it all works, but I can not make it to display both with Correct Aspect Ratio and filling the whole screen. It's either one or the other, and neither is quite right. I'm using Amiberry but I guess it's the same for other emus.

    With 640x200 (CAR on) I get overscan on horizontal, probably due to RPi outputting in 720p. When I use 704x200 with no CAR the screen is filled, but it's not the right aspect. With 704x200 and CAR ticked on there are black bars on top and bottom. These are the 3 "closest" to ideal combinations. I also tried zillion other permutations, to no avail.

    It's of course the same problem with majority of other console/micros, but can be dealt with by either using the shader methods in libretro cores (for consoles) and with micros it's mostly okay because of the borders. Amiga has no lr-version and no borders so it refuses to play nice. Hopefully I'm missing something basic though and there is a solution?

    Pi 3B+, Amiberry v2.24 and latest official Retropie.

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