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Issues with Core download/installation

  • Hello,
    First, some required information. I'm running RetroPieon top of Raspbian with the latest updates installed on a Raspberry Pi3b+. RetroPie version is 4.4. I am using the CanaKit 5V power supply. No overclocking or any mods of any sort. I have a USB mouse and keyboard combo connected - a Logitech one - uncertain of the model. I managed to get my SN30 8bitdo controller to pair with EmulationStation, but now I have a new problem. I can download from source or binary the snes9x core, and Retroarch keeps showing up as having no cores available. I've tried rebooting after installing from binary and from source. I am uncertain of what logs to post if any are relevant. For some strange reason, no cores are available in the emulator. This actually applies to other cores as well besides Snes9x. I attempted to install the cores via the RetroPie setup script. I even wiped out Raspbian and retried reinstalling RetroPie. Same problem.

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    @MikeRL If you're starting RetroArch from the RetroPie system, then it's normal, because it's started without any cores - that entry is only used for general configuration, but it's rarely needed. RetroArch in RetroPie is pre-configured automatically based on the system (platform/console/etc.) you're in, so you shouldn't have to start RetroArch from the RetroPie menu to start a game.
    Just follow the docs - copy your ROMs to the necessary folders for each system, restart Emulationstation and then just run the game - the core will be automatically loaded with RetroArch.

  • Sounds like proper optimization to me. I'll look up documentation to see what can be done on my end.

  • Hmm. Now I'm wondering where the setting is for bilinear filtering is located at. EDIT: Found it. Everything is now good. Thank you for the help.

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