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Having no luck with scraping....

  • I am not new to RetroPie, and have previously had much success.

    However, I recently bought a 3b+ and decided to copy over my old rom folders to the new install - this worked fine and everything looks great but although my consoles have all their scraped info, the arcade stuff doesn't.

    I decided anyway to change the setup for arcade so I now have the fba Roms in the fba folder, Mame 0.78 in Mame-libretro, the arcade folder empty and neogeo folder with just Neo Geo games. The neogeo folder has retained its scraped info as I just copied the whole folder over from my old install.

    So, all is great except the fba and mame-libretro gfames don't have any scraped info. So I try to use the built in scraper and that tries to work but doesn't actually find any info, just spends hours going through the motions.

    next I installed the scraper from the RetroPie setup and started it up - it seemed to work but came up with an error for each game - I can't remember exactly what unfortunately.

    With a standard RetroPie setup for stuff such as fba I would imagine most peoples roms are the same and in the same location, so with this in mind is there anywhere where I could possibly grab the ganeslist.xml and artwork, screens etc for fba and Mame-libretro - obviously not the Roms themselves as I have all of those, but just some folders to drop into my pi RetroPie folder?

    If not, any clues on where I may be going wrong?

  • @stoney66 yeah, just saw that - just my luck! Hopefully all will new sorted soon.

    Of course, if someone was able to share their fba and mame-libretro scraped info I would be golden...

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    @chubsta You should give Skyscraper a try - it's part of the RetroPie script, just like Steven Selph's scraper -

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