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Skyscraper not showing videos?

  • I've been trying to get Skyscraper to work but with limited success as it only shows screenshots. What I'd really like is videos. Yet when I set emulation station's menu/ui settings/gamelist view style to 'video' nothing happens?

    I feel like I'm missing some check box or something. Could anyone tell me if there are settings I could have missed which would stop videos being displayed?

  • If you go into Other commands and options in the settings you can enable Download Videos. It's disabled by default.

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    @gizmo90 As @A-Bored-Ninja said, videos are not downloaded automatically - are you running Skyscraper from the command line or from the RetroPie script ?

  • Thanks for the replies @A-Bored-Ninja @mitu I've been running Skyscraper via the command line sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/ and then navigating to manage packages/manage experimental packages/skyscraper

    I've just checked and I'd already enabled Download Videos under 'other options'. :( Any other ideas what could be the problem?

  • Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that when I scrape I can see Video:YES appear under each title as they scroll up the screen. I presume that means that videos are being found and downloaded? But for some reason they're just not being displayed?

  • Fixed it! I had 'Use OMX Player' enabled. With that disabled the videos showed up perfectly. I'd had it enabled as I'd seen a tutorial stating that it would make videos play smoother. Is this not the case and it's not supported by skyscraper?

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    @gizmo90 That's not part of Skyscraper - the scraper will download your videos, so its job is done. Certaing video codecs are not support by omxplayer (which is what the Accelerated HW videos is enabling), so depending on how the site that hosts the video has encoded those videos, they'll show or not in Emulationstation.

  • @mitu Ahh, I see. I've set skyscraper to gather source from screenscraper online. Should I use another source which supports OMX? The videos that are showing currently seem to play fine to me.

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    @gizmo90 said in Skyscraper not showing videos?:

    Should I use another source which supports OMX?

    You can't know that unless you download the video - no source will explicitly 'support' OMX. Test without the OMXPlayer enabled to check the video was downloaded, then see which ones don't work with OMXPlayer and try another scraping source for them.

  • Thanks again @mitu I think I'll stick with what I've got for now then. So far all the games I've scrapped have had their videos display fine.

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