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Issues with Autostart to Raspbian

  • First, some required information. I'm running RetroPie on top of Raspbian with the latest updates installed on a Raspberry Pi3b+. RetroPie version is 4.4. I am using the CanaKit 5V power supply. No overclocking or any mods of any sort. I have a USB mouse and keyboard combo connected - a Logitech one - uncertain of the model. I managed to get my SN30 8bitdo controller to pair with EmulationStation, and fixed my core issue that was my fault. But now, it seems when I got to the configuration script in ~/RetroPie-Setup/, I cannot configure RetroPie to boot Raspbian to the desktop without it crapping out on login. I thought this was because I have a custom password set for my RPI. But it wasn't. I first attempted to login from GUI with automatic login and it dumped me back to the console. Same happened when doing GUI login with a password prompt, so it's definitely not because I have a custom password. Is this a potential bug? And if so, has it been reported yet?

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    @MikeRL Try disabling the autostart splashscreen script first:

  • How do I remove the splash screen? Don't see anything there unless I'm missing something. The options I see only apply to the original Raspberry Pi - not the 3B+ I'm using.

  • Think I figured it out. Disabled the splash through Emulation Station. Didn't realize it was in there, thought it was changed in the config script for RetroPie. Now everything works.

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