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[SOLVED] Gamelist being corrupted

  • Hi, everyone!

    I have a problem with gamelist.xml. Sometimes, before EmulationStartion start, a error message about a specific gamelist.xml file pops up and the respective system roms is not charged.

    After some tests, I notive that behavior when I start the system after add any game to the favorites list. Cheking the problematic gamelist.xml, I notice that the lines after the game who I added to favorites were deleted. The reason I don't know. Just restart the EmulationStation after add games to favorites don't cause the problem. Just when all the system is off and on again.

    Hadware: Raspberry pi 3 B
    Retropie version: 4.4
    error message: "Error parsing XML file "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/gamelist.xml"
    (/snes can be /nes or any other system who I had added games to favorites)

    Sorry for any comunication problem (my english is not so good) and thank you for the help.

    UPDATE 1: I notice that problem just happens with SNES and NES gamelist. Pehaps this can be associated to the command to mark a game as favorite.

    The gamelist.xml is located in the same folder of the roms, in the usb flashdrive. I moved than to the SD card folder (~/.emulationstation/gamelists) and the problem (aparenttly) disappear.

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    @rodrigoleao Hm, seems like a corrupted file. Exit Emulationstation, then rename the file with mv

    mv /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/gamelist.xml /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/gamelist.xml.bad

    then start again Emulationstation and it should generate a new gamelist.xml file. Note that this will remove any scraped information or favorites info.

  • I already try this and the result is the problem returning when I add a new game to favorites.

    Yesterday I do some tests and the problem occur with Snes, Megadrive and Nes gamelist.xml. I don’t know the the reason and not see any difference between the files.

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