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Resize game? Or look for new ROM?

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3B+ with 32gb card
    Power Supply used: Stock Canakit power supply
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.4, with Emulationstation 2.7.6RP
    Built From: Raspian 4.4.12(1)
    Retropie USB Devices connected: mini wireless keyboard
    Controller used: Hori RAP4 (Playstation version)

    I'm setting up bezels for all my games, and I noticed that Contra plays in a very small space. Up until now, my games have taken up at least the full vertical space. Is there a way to configure this ROM to do so, or do I need a newer ROM? I'm setting up my games for 1920x1080.

    alt text

  • Global Moderator

    @Mebejedi Use the Video option in the RGUI (RetroArch gui, started with Select + X in-game) and tinker with the resolution and scaling - possibly turn off integer scaling to get the image to scale fully vertically.

  • @mitu

    Integer scaling fixed it. Thank you, good sir. :)

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