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Looking for a curvature shader with 640x480 resolution support

  • I am using 480p mode because of lr-pcsx-rearmed performance issues, but was looking for a way to have CRT-like picture.

    CRT PI and ZFAST shaders did the trick for 720p. But in the case of 480p there are ugly circles drawn in the center of the screen (if I use curvature ones). Non-curvature CRT PI and ZFAST also look pretty strange in 640x480 resolution.

    So my final solution was to use scanlines overlay like here:

    The only problem is that picture is not curved. Is there any way to configure PI-optimized curvature shaders to support low resolution?

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    @megaJekan as said in your other thread, 480p is unnecessary for a pi3b+ and pcsx. psx emulation has been running full speed on pis since the pi2. if you're getting slowdown at 1080p and NO shaders, you have a system issue.

    as for curvature shaders - zfast should be full speed at 1080p on most games and is the fastest one available. they won't look at 480p as it's just not enough resolution for that effect to look good. it's not enough resolution for a non-curved scanline shader...

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