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Scraped game images, and descriptions missing after update.

  • Hello, I'm having a serious problem with the new merge shown here
    I updated all installed packages on my Retropie to the latest version because the issue on said page was merged and said to be fixed. My problem now is all the scrapes I did for my games before TheGameDB API was changed are now completely gone, that means no images, no description, etc. Even the RetroPie section in EmulationStation is missing images and their description now. The files are still in my Retropie directory /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation for my platforms where they should be, they haven't been deleted. I tried scraping with the newest TheGameDB and Skyscraper shown in the EmulationStation but it's basically saying everything has already been scrapped even though the images, and descriptions isn't showing up. I spent a lot of work before the GameDB API was changed, some images that were scrapped were low quality so I downloaded higher quality images and added and replaced them in the "downloaded_images" for said platform, now all the hard work I did is in vain.

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    Hold on, nothing is lost. Just use the Emulationstation menu, go into the UI Settings and change the GameList View Style to detailed and your images will be back.

  • Thank you so very much! I wonder what caused it too default to automatic? I have a feeling i'm not going to be the only one who has the same problem and other users may create a thread about this issue before searching this one that I created.

  • @Lumbeechief081 So, if you don't do it already, now that you've learned how quickly you can lose all the work you did is the perfect time to start making backups. 😉

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