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Anyone know how to set L2 / R2 as analog controls on PS3 bluetooth controllers?

  • So I installed the PS3 bluetooth drivers and everything is up and running perfectly except L2 and R2. L2 and R2 work as digital buttons but the hardware supports analog which be great for an accelerator / brake in driving simulators.

    Looking at some of the posts its clear there must be a way use these as analog but I haven't found anywhere that explains how.

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


  • We have an ongoing discussion on that in the topic about a new DS3 driver:

    You may want to give this driver a try and remap your controller in Steam Link even if it already is supported - mine was but it had digital triggers, I remapped and triggers became properly analog!

    Do note that this may not work for libretro cores just because as far as I can tell, no platform emulated on RetroPie supports analog triggers (L2/R2 buttons were digital on PSX).

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