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Lightgun games on RetroPie - Time Crisis / Point Blank / Duck Hunt

  • @MrLightgun so what are the hookups for this gun? Just curious for different projects i have.

  • @MrLightgun but after the kickstarter will you open a store?

  • @edmaul69 what do you mean by hookups? It connects by usb. He has done a video of a hardware mod to allow it to play on ps1 and ps2 actual consoles and I think he said he can do Xbox actual console too and will do a video on that. But it requires extra equipment right now.

    @hermit he has answered other people saying they will be able to buy after too but he wants to focus on filling the orders in Kickstarter hopefully by the late 2019 deadline.

  • Sorry slow reply but the others answered perfectly :-)

  • @MrLightgun Very nice work on the Sinden Lightgun! Keep up the good work :-)

    I recently got a Mayflash Dolphinbar, with Area51 working perfectly fine. It works with MAME 2003 0.78. If you're interested I can get the logs and additional information when I get home. My setup also works fine on lr-fceumm. However, I don't seem to get my setup to work with Pcsx rearmed. Do i need to make any changes, as you comment on a modded version of the emulator on your website?

    let me know!
    Best, Marcel

  • I am so happy about this development. And as you already added or created the functionality to use Sinden lightgun with a console, I am wondering about a pedal. You know, the ones which make Time Crisis games so fantastic. Do you know and / or do you have plans to built something like that as well?

    BTW: I came across this only because of this forum and just registered here to put this question here :)

  • @schark you could buy a rock band/guitar hero drum pedal and wire it into the lightgun to the second button on the gun.

  • Hi Marcel

    Area 51 is on my to do list so hopefully it just works with a bit of experimenting if I use the same Mame as you so thank you for the heads up. lr-PCSX-Rearmed needs my code changes, I'm going to finish this off and publish in June. Along with lr-dosbox for Mad Dog McCree and lr-Reicast for Naomi lightgun games.

    Mr Lightgun

  • @schark @edmaul69

    Hi Both

    I'm going to support the cheap foot pedals you can get off of Amazon and ebay for £10. I know this will work on the PC but I'll need to experiment on the Pi in case it's dependant on drivers.

    You could wire in a pedal to one of the buttons if you wanted as suggested.


    Mr Lightgun

  • @MrLightgun i have a couple of the rock band pedals lying around myself. I used to repair video game consoles and laptops for a living and i would use the pedals as a part of making controllers for handicapped people.

  • This is awesome! You sir, are a legend. Looking forward to trying out 1 of these on my pi psc build. Time crisis will be playable again :)
    Any chance when you are done with this you could look into something for the psvr? Haha ;) The available options are abysmal.

  • Hi
    I wanted to know if the lightgun is compatible with LR-FBNeo
    is it possible to have a list of emulators compatible with it present in Retropie? thanks

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