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Raiden Fighters / Raiden Fighters 2 working great but with sound Issues

  • Re: How to get Raiden Fighters running?!

    I managed to get Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighter Jet working great with 0.106 and Adv_Mame 3.9 on a Pi3b+. Raiden works perfectly at full speed and great sound. The other three all work at full speed but with sound issues.

    They all have a strange issue where the first time you start the game you will be presented with a update counter counting down from 999. Wait, do nothing until it hits 0. When it hits zero (and not before) change the single dip switch from update to on and restart the game. All subsequent loads will work perfectly without the count down.

    One last problem in Raiden Fighters 2 doesn't seem to detect to coin deposit button. A way around this is to activate the infinite coins cheat. When you do that the game works (with sound issues).

    Great games and very smooth. I'm hoping someone might figure out the sound issues.


  • @jmbooth2000 try them on lr-mame2010. A lot of games that have sound issues on other emulators run good on it.

  • @jmbooth2000 Raiden Fighters 2 sound rom was properly dumped for MAME 0.149, so having sound issues with older MAME version is to be expected.

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