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Using a USB keyboard on the computer emulators

  • Until now I have only played arcade games and ones etc, but have a hankering after playing some old school Atari 800, Spectrum and C64 games, may of which, such as adventure games, use keyboard input rather than joystick.

    I have read much in the docs about mapping joysticks etc but I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding keyboards - basically, I want it to be just like using them years ago, being able to type commands in naturally etc.

    Is this something that I should be able to do - I am happy for someone just to point out if it is at least that way I know I am not wasting my time trying to research and implement something that is impossible!

    The ideal scenario would be to choose a game such as a The Hobbit on the Spectrum and just sit at the keyboard typing my commands in as if I was using an original Spectrum...

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