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Literally nothing is changing the N64 render resolution for me

  • Hey guys. I'm really starting to get frustrated with this problem and I was hoping someone could help me. Essentially, I cannot get N64 games to render according to the resolution of my display (1080p60). I have tried all different combinations of switching between all the available emulators, turning video scale integer on and off, changing the render resolution in retroarch.cfg, etc.

    The resolution has not changed one iota, regardless of the options I configure. What is the secret sauce involved in getting N64 games to match the resolution of my display?

    As a side issue that is less important, is it impossible for GlideN64 to load ZIP files? Thanks

    EDIT: As a small detail, one of the few options that DOES change something is adjusting the render aspect ratio.

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    I think the resolution is fixed on the PI by the runcommand, it doesn't matter how you change it. Are you using a PI ?

  • @mitu Yeah sorry, a 3B+. The resolution is properly set for EmulationStation and all that, but when I get into games is when it reverts back to either 320x240 or 640x480.

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    @CursedLemon I think this is by design, a higher resolution would make the emulator crawl to a halt. The only option that doesn't get limited by resolution (at least from what I can tell) is mupen64plus-gles2n64as N64 emulator. Try selecting it from the Runcommand launch menu - but it's not guaranteed to work with every game.

  • It seems that you were correct, gles2n64 (also apparently gles2rice-hires) was the way to go, however it seems that I was missing a key option - the framebuffer option, which is not an option with either Glide or lr-mupen64plus. That is what got the emulator running at the proper render resolution.

    EDIT: Strike that, GlideN64 does have a framebuffer option, but it doesn't seem to work? Stuff is confusing, man.

  • @CursedLemon Its going to vary by game, some games can run playable in 720p with the right emulator. But some games, like the zelda games, are not going to render above the n64's native res. You may get better performance overclocking the gpu but it wont effect the resolution.

    I'll take a look at what mine does with the framebuffer and get back.

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