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  • Okay. so i have a raspberry 3 retropie.
    and it have been working so far. wanted to update it after a long period of dustcollecting.
    and shit hit the fan.. so i went out bought my self a bigger micro sd. followed a youtube guide of how to make new clean install of retropie. and got it working. i can so far play n64 games and gba games.
    i have also gotten me som PSX games. and .cue files as it is one of the supported files by lr-pcsx-rearmed.

    the thing is a have transferred the roms into the psx folder. i can see them in the playstation games list but when i go to open it
    a black screen with the grey launching box appears. for a few seconds and then i'm thrown back into the playstation games list.

    what can be the cause of this.. and i'm fairly to this whole setting up a raspberry pi. so i need detailed descriptions on how to fix it like. what to write in the script if i need to do that or any thing like that.

    many thanks in advance

  • @DyllanDk Did you place the correct BIOS in /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS?

  • @DyllanDk you say you got the .cue files, but what about the .bin files as well? Possibly a silly question, but trying to cover all bases!

  • Sounds very much like a lack of Bios files.
    Have a good read of this and make sure you have everything in the right place.
    PSX Bios info - GitHub

  • it was a lack of .bin files, found a huge PSX games pack online somewhere in the correct .cue format.. but had no idea it was the .bin file until i came across it on another forum a few hours after posting this so thanks guys :D

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