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Can't run games

  • I just compilled EmulationStation from source to run it with retroarch, no retropie, in my linux laptop machine (xubuntu)
    Whenever i try to run a game i'm getting this error in the terminal
    "camilo@camilo-S400CA:~$ emulationstation
    lvl0: CECInput::mAdapter->DetectAdapters failed"

    ¿What can i do?

    Here is a copy/paste of my ES config fyle

    <!-- This is the EmulationStation Systems configuration file.
    All systems must be contained within the <systemList> tag.-->

    <!-- Here's an example system to get you started. -->

    	<!-- A short name, used internally. Traditionally lower-case. -->
    	<!-- A "pretty" name, displayed in menus and such. -->
    	<fullname>Nintendo Entertainment System</fullname>
    	<!-- The path to start searching for ROMs in. '~' will be expanded to $HOME on Linux or %HOMEPATH% on Windows. -->
    	<!-- A list of extensions to search for, delimited by any of the whitespace characters (", \r\n\t").
    	You MUST include the period at the start of the extension! It's also case sensitive. -->
    	<extension>.nes .NES</extension>
    	<!-- The shell command executed when a game is selected. A few special tags are replaced if found in a command:
    	%ROM% is replaced by a bash-special-character-escaped absolute path to the ROM.
    	%BASENAME% is replaced by the "base" name of the ROM.  For example, "/foo/bar.rom" would have a basename of "bar". Useful for MAME.
    	%ROM_RAW% is the raw, unescaped path to the ROM. -->
    	<command>retroarch -f -L /home/camilo/.config/retroarch/cores/ %ROM%</command>
    	<!-- The platform to use when scraping. You can see the full list of accepted platforms in src/PlatformIds.cpp.
    	It's case sensitive, but everything is lowercase. This tag is optional.
    	You can use multiple platforms too, delimited with any of the whitespace characters (", \r\n\t"), eg: "genesis, megadrive" -->
    	<!-- The theme to load from the current theme set.  See for more information.
    	This tag is optional. If not set, it will default to the value of <name>. -->


  • Global Moderator

    @camjrp Are you sure you're core name is and not ? Try running the emulator start-up command from the command line and see if you get any errors, then adjust it in the .cfg file.

  • Thanks, i was incorrectly naming the core, now the game runs
    However i kept getting this error message in the terminal
    camilo@camilo-S400CA:~$ emulationstation
    lvl0: CECInput::mAdapter->DetectAdapters failed
    Protocol error: bad 3 (Window); Sequence Number 11
    Opcode (20, 0) = GetProperty
    Bad resource 0 (0x0)
    at -e line 16.
    lvl0: CECInput::mAdapter->DetectAdapters failed

    Don't know what it means

  • Global Moderator

    @camjrp Those errors seem related to your Xorg installation or desktop environment.

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