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Slow Loading and Weird Freezing on Games and Settings

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Pi3
    Power Supply used: Vilros Power Supply
    RetroPie Version Used (eg 3.6, 3.8.1, 4.1 - do not write latest): 4.4 Built from Website (updating to latest)
    Usb Connetion: Dual Shock 4, and PS1 Classic controller
    Micro SD Card: Samsung Evo Select 256GB and Sandisk Ultra 400GB

    So, in December I upgraded from a 128GB to a 256GB SD card for my RetroPi
    I immediately noticed that everything was not only slower to load, but there also seemed to be odd freezing.
    For instance, when I initially set up my controllers, upon setting up the system froze for a few seconds before continuing on.

    The same would happen when I open a menu, the menu would freeze when opening for a couple seconds, then continue on.
    When I start a game, the game will start fine then after a few seconds a long freeze of about 5-10 seconds will happen before the game will continue. Longer if it is a large of CD game.

    I have never had this problem with the 128GB, so I thought it was the SD card. Today I got a 400GB from a flash sale, and immediately installed it in my system. The same slow loading and freezing issue persists.

    So I am wondering if this is due to an error, or just because the size of the SD card I am using!
    Thank you!

  • @Jiryn It could be that those cards are not compatible with the pi3, or they could be bad. Stick them back in your pc and run a check disk on them.

    Here is a list of compatible sd cards

    Your cards do not show up there but a 256 Samsung EVO PLUS is listed as compatible.

    If you want more space you will likely need to consider using a usb mounted hdd or thumb drive.

    Here is another relevant discussion

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