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Favourite Scumm game?

  • So, what's everyone's favourite Scumm game?

    Mine would be either Day Of The Tentacle or Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, depending on where on the sliding scale of silly versus serious I am.

    I actually don't have Day Of The Tentacle on RetroPie, as I've bought all 'remastered' versions of LucasArts games on various platforms, I have DoTT, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango on PS4 for instance and the two Monkey Island games on PS3 (and used to have them on X360 before I got rid of that console). Fate Of Atlantis and Sam & Max Hit The Road are the only two games I have on RetroPie, because they are the only LucasArts games that don't have a remastered version yet of which I own the official versions.

    Day Of The Tentacle
    Great point and click game, a bit smaller in scope than other titles, with just one main location (in three different periods in time). Lots of jokes and zany fun.

    Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
    For years I called this the fourth Indy film that was never made... Then a fourth Indy film was made. It took me until much later to find out that beating up the bouncer was only one out of three ways to solve the first main puzzle, and that the game would change your playthrough according to what solution you found for that puzzle.

    I liked Sam & Max too, though I played that at a much later point in time (to the point of needing to borrow an ancient laptop from my father that would actually run the damn thing), and I didn't really like the (to my recollection) anticlimactic ending.

    For those that like these classic point and click games, have you tried Thimbleweed Park yet? Ron Gilbert is one of its creators. I thought it was a lot of fun.

  • you've already mentioned day of the tentacle. What a game! But also sam and max hit the road was a favourite in our house. Secret of monkey island of course.

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    Definitely pajama sam

  • Of course DotT, this one is epic & legendary :)
    Other Games i Play on Scumm: Gobliiins 1-3, Monkey Island and Space Quest.
    Love those adventures that were part of my childhood.

  • Entire MI series and DOTT. The talkie versions of MI are especially good and DOTT is in a class of its own. The dry humor of the Lucasarts creators is second to none...

    "Bernard...float over here so I can punch you."

    "This must be that Woodstock place Mom and Dad always talk about."

  • @BillyH the Monkey Island games by far are my favorite. Along with some of the older Sierra games. I grew up playing the King’s Quest series and have a soft spot for those old point and click adventure games.

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