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PSX Show BIOS Bootlogo: Games That Breaks & Does anybody have more info what breaks?

  • When I noticed that I could display the PSX BIOS bootlogo I thought it would help add to the experience of retrogaming. I did see that it breaks "some"games and it got me to wondering how many that could be. I've got over 1,000 PSX games on my build and figured I could at some point test them all.

    I use all bin/cue
    Everything will be NTSC-USA whenever possible
    All of my multidisc games are m3u
    These are of course all being run through lr-pcsx-rearmed

    What I have learned doesn't work with the bootlogo so far:
    Action Bass: title screen didn't display correctly and the game seemed to be locked up but I was able to quit to ES with select+start
    Anything that is an m3u: brings up the memory card manager / cd player (which makes perfect sense) (aside: I didn't actually test all 49 multi-disc games, but after 5-10 I noticed a trend)

    Has anybody else played around with this? What else can it break? How many games are "some" Could something be broken after having plated a game for hours on end?

    Moving forward I'm going to (very slowly, when I'm sitting around bored) test all of my games and see what else I can get to load into a game and not load into a game. If anybody expresses interest in this I'll easily be able to compile a list from the opt files I'll have to make to fix things. I can keep this thread updated or just let it die. But my curiosity has been piqued, I get bored easily, and if I can help someone else in the community then awesome.

    One last thing, I couldn't really decide if I should put this in Help & Support or General Discussion but I don't really need any assistance so here it is!

  • @simpleethat I've noticed this too (.m3u games getting stuck in the boot menu). But I haven't looked into it any further. I can't really be bothered to reset every ps1 game every time I boot one anyway.
    But I do agree there is nothing quite like that ps1 boot sequence when starting a game. I even went as far as booting my Pi up with this music.

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    there’s been a few updates in this area the last few days - could you please try updating lr-pcsx_rearmed from source (NOT binary) and trying again? i’m curious if it’s all working now!

  • @dankcushions I will definitely do that when I get home on Monday and have access to mi pi again

  • @dankcushions So I am able to confirm that the one single disc game that I was able to confirm the BIOS bootlogo load actually breaks now does load with it just fine. It seems that my multidisc games that are setup as m3u playlists still load to the memory card manager / cd player instead of loading the game.

    I wish I had more examples of single disc games that it seemed to effect but I hadn't the opportunity to poke around before attempting the update. I do have plenty of memory cards to play around with so I might still poke around with that to see how they work. If anyone out there knows of other games that this does effect I am happy to play around and see if I can recreate the issue.

    I'm not entirely sure the m3u thing is something that can be worked around because it would make sense to me that the "console" would either think it is a music disc or just not know what to do with the disc itself.

    Were there any other fixes that I should know about with the update from source I just downloaded?

  • @simpleethat I tried it a few times to try and get to the memory card manager, I didn't even realize that it was because of an .m3u. I always turn it off, like its a big no, or I'm in a hurry to boot my game. And now I'm kind of interested, with the same interest that we get when we first turn on our playstations. I'll leave it on and see what I find.

    I half remember the playstation bios telling you what bios you're using but, I must have imagined it as all I ever see is PCSXtm.

    On my Raspberry pi 2, the BIOS screen was difficult to get the sound perfect without any drops. I spent a while changing the audio freq, but then overclocking almost got it to perfect.

    Random: If you leave Final Fantasy IX on for over 99.59.59 then the clock resets and changes color, mine was red, I don't know what impact this has on the game.

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