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N64 emulator leaves ES slow after using it

  • Hi, I have a problem with the n64 emulator, every time I left the amulator and back to the menu I noticed that it gets a bit slow (regardless of the theme), the "drastic" also gets slow if I use it after the emulator of n64, this emulator leaves some task open even after leaving it ?, is this a bug? I use the retropie in Rbp 3b +, I have to restart the system if I want to play in the "drastic" next.

  • @brunozero known issue with drastic. It seems the framebuffer doesn't clear after it's closed (or so I've read). Unfortunately, drastic on pi never received any support or updates from the developer so we are stuck with the beta version. Hopefully at some point the project will be open sourced and perhaps we may see some development for the RPI.

  • the "Drastic" have bugs this I know, so much that I have to restart the system for it to run well sometimes, but I also noticed that the emulators of N64 also leave the EmulationStation slow, it is as if it leaves the system heavy,it's like he leaves an open process even when it's closed or "framebuffer" as you mentioned is also not "clean".

  • @quicksilver so I tested here the problem of slowdown is with n64 emulators, I do not know what it does after we quit the emulator, but it leaves both the theme and the execution of the slow drastic, is there any configuration for the retropie to "clean" the memory after shutting down the emulators?

  • @brunozero I have not noticed any issues with exiting mupen64plus on my pi. Please read and answer the questions so we can help you:

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