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Minor theme help please.

  • Raspberry PI 3 B+
    128GB sandisk sd card
    Retropie v4.4
    5v - 3.5a power supply

    Hi there!

    OK so its been a while and sisnce I last posted I have learned a lot. I've made my own theme and had great fun coding it all setting the configurations, layouts and so on and plan to upload it to share very soon.

    I'm starting to make my second theme and everything is gong well, I can add and change everything to my liking however I am having problems with this 1 thing.

    I would like to be able to remove this system help text from the bottom of emulationstation so that I may replace it with my own image. I can not for the life of me find where the code or the image is for this prompt.

    if anyone could assist me in removing this text I would really appreciate it, its like the silliest thing but this is the only thing perplexing me at the moment lol.


    Thank you.

  • @ccaveman84 I haven't done any theme-related stuff in a while, but off the top of my head

    <helpsystem name="help">
      <pos>1 1</pos>

    Might do what you want.

  • @mattrixk Thats perfect thank you
    needed a little more but was just what i was looking for.

     <view name="system">
    		<helpsystem name="help">
    			<pos>1 1</pos>

    Worked perfectly, thanks again.

  • @ccaveman84 Glad to be of help. Maybe one day I'll finish the theme I was last working on. I think I have 2 or 3 that are just sitting there waiting to be completed.

  • @mattrixk lol yeah man I'm having fun with it all, made one theme already but working on anither now just couldn't get rid of that text so I could add my own.

    I will have to upload my first theme to share soon.
    Thanks again.

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