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Adding second PS3 controller and mapping to player #2

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    I'm new to Raspberry and Retropie but I've been able to setup a Retropie that is paired with a PS3 Controller via Bluetooth. As far as I can tell, this is an authentic PS3 Controller: I chose "Pair PS3 controller (official ps3)" during the set up process for the PS3 Controller.

    Now I would like to (1) pair a second PS3 Controller also via Bluetooth and then (2) map one controller to Player #1 and the other to Player #2. I'm not sure how to do either of these tasks as I don't know the guide above that I have used to pair the first controller can be used again to pair the second controller. And I definitely don't know to map controllers to players. Thank you!

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    Just pair the 2nd controller as you did with the 1st one and - if they're identical - that's all. When starting a game, both controllers will be available as P1 and P2, there's nothing else to do.
    If they're not identical (i.e. one is a genuine, one is a clone), you'll have to configure the 2nd controller in Emulationstation, just like you configured the first one.

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