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Best Tomb Raider on Raspberry Pi

  • @pi2user Yep my other games work fine. I think I have the USA 1.1 version. It has adverts for Gex and a bunch of other games on one of the intro screens right?

  • @pi2user I found a 1.6 US version (chicken run demo) that works fine. It's quite a few .bin files. Does anyone know how to convert multi .bin games to a single .php?

    It does look pretty with enhanced resolution, it really does benefit from the boost.

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  • @George-Spiggott No, the first version to come with a demo was 1.2 USA. You see what's going on with all the versions here. tcrf
    At what point did it crash for you?

  • Thanks @Mitu. I should have been clearer, this Tomb Raider ROM has 57 .bin files. I've used that method before to make a two disk game with two .bin files one file (Metal Gear Solid) but that didn't work for this. I followed this video

    to combine my .bin files then ran it through PSX2PSP. I'll give the game a test later tonight.

    @pi2user When the wolves attack you just after the first save point. It doesn't crash per se, it just locks up. I can still exit the game with the hotkey combo. The new version I have doesn't lock up at all (so far).

  • @George-Spiggott I created PBP images of Tomb Raider 1, 2, Revelations and Chronicles from my own original copies of the PSX games and they all run perfectly fine on my Raspberry Pi. I used Imgburn to create BIN/CUE files and then used PSX2PSP to then create the much more handy PBP versions of the games.

  • I've tested my new ROM ,which I converted to PBP, and it works fine with no lockups. My next project will be trying to get the DC version of Revelations and Chronicles working.

  • I had a little experiment with my 1.0 Tomb Raider ROM. I always thought it was odd/impressive how small the file was and while play-testing the 1.6 file I noticed that music played in exactly the same places where the 1.0 file locked up. So I merged the 1.0 .bin file with the other 56 1.6 .bin music files into one big .bin file (effectively replacing the 1.6 game .bin file with the 1.0 one) then converted it to a .pbp file.

    The 1.0 version now works fine without locking up. It seems that whoever created the 1.0 ROM simply discarded the extra .bin music files for some reason and the game was locking up when the game looked for them.

    Problem solved.

  • I am running the 1.6 US version and it always freezes when standing in front of the lock for the door to the temple in the City of Vilcabamba. I have checked it 3 times and each time I stand in front of the lock all movement stops. I can press the Select and Start buttons and the emulator returns to the Playstation game list. Any thoughts?

    Running on a Pi 3

  • @HarleyDude This bit? 00:01 on the video

    I'm running 1.0 and it gets past there just fine. How big is your file(s)? Are you missing music .bin files?

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