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  • Guys....I am in need of some serious help.

    I have built my first tabletop arcade machine. I was so excited how it came out. It is running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Running retropi 4.4. Also using a build called RetroPie Ultimate [ROM image]. But I have tried 3 different builds and am having the same issue.
    The issue is...when I have the sound plugged into the Pi and start the system up and go to play a game...the sound is great but the games all play like they are in turbo mode or the Pi acts like it is superclocked. I have checked every setting that I can think of. Now if I unplug the sound from the Pi and restart the system...all the games work perfectly. I am looking for suggestions on how to resolve this issue. I am running a 10watt powered amplifier on the system for the sound. I have seen other tabletop builds that run the same system and they don't seem to have the problem. Now the builds they are showing builds from a few years ago so I am sure they are not running the latest version of Retropie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    @JaxonMcBride We don't support 3rd path images, especially the ones distributed with ROMs -
    Start with a clean RetroPie image from

  • try turning either auido sync or hard gpu sync on in the retroarch settings

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