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Hori RAP Real arcade Pro V problems with the controls in one Rom

  • Hi there,
    I am running a Retropie with a Hori RAP V and everything works great. All except one game. The game is Gals Panic S2 and I am running in a different MAME emulator than the rest (I am using Mame 2003)
    The arcade stick works but I can't find the way to make the Joystick works. Connecting a PS4 pad at the same time as the second player, the joystick is mapped in the analog left stick. I tried to check the options in Retroarch and play with the configuration but no luck.

    Anyone that knows what can I do?
    Sorry if the question is too basic. Just new here.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Fixed...
    Need to select Mame2003 and no Mame2003 plus.

    The game is quite slow but I don't think that I can do anything to fix it on a Raspberry 3B+

  • Not with MAME2003 or MAME2003+ or lr-MAMEs in general.

    But if you dare to try AdvanceMame i can confirm that Gals Panic S and Gals Panic S2 are very well playable without Speed issues.

  • there is an option to select analog or digital in mame2003+ as it supports analog 2003 doesnt just go to your options and change you controller setting to digital.

    it sin options->control mapping change it to digital and it will work for snes pads and arcade sticks ect with having to set all the inputs. The majority of people want real analog controls when available so thats the default.

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