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My $300 Craigslist score! :D

  • Parts included in the system:

    • ViewSonic Monitor
    • Reyann Happ Arcade Buttons
    • Sanwa 8-Way Joysticks
    • Raspberry Pi3
    • SanDisk 128MB MicroSD Card w/ PC Adapter
    • Custom Mrs. PacMan Graphics
    • Arcade Speakers w/ 180 Watt Stereo Amplifier +Bonus Unused Arcade Speaker Set
    • LED Backlit Display
    • MDF Cam-lock Cabinet
    • A box of extras.

    I plan on ripping out the Pi3b and replacing with an Asus Chromebox.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @johnodon wow you are really lucky that sells put together like that for something like $700 or more

  • @BJRetro said in My $300 Craigslist score! :D:

    @johnodon wow you are really lucky that sells put together like that for something like $700 or more

    My wife doesn't understand... :)

    I could not pass up this deal!

  • @johnodon easy just go to <removed scumbag resellers link> and practically that exact model is on there for $1089! Maybe if you show her that she will be happy! But maybe she is really just unhappy that now you will be playing it a lot! Ha.

  • I saw that deal on CL. Was hoping it would last through the weekend, as we were moving in to a new house. I guess I missed out.

  • @813_Alex Sorry about that Alex (kinda). :)

    Nice guy Sean. Met me at the Tampa PD near the stadiums which was about halfway for both of us.


  • THAT'S where I put that bartop. Thanks for finding it for me. PM me and I'll give you my address. :)

  • @johnodon No worries. I finished my own bartop about a month ago. This one would have been for dedicated 4-way joystick games.

  • My question is what benefit is there to stripping the pi out for a Chromebox?

  • @Jste84 After looking up what exactly a Chromebox is I would surmise streaming and online capability would expand on what a Pi can do. It won't play any better emulators but it does become more versatile.

    Personally I'd throw a Dell slimline in there if you're going to do a swap. But that's just me. I have a few lying around from work so it wouldn't cost me anything to do it.

  • I also have a Lenovo M92P Tiny that I can use. However, this bartop will be dedicated solely to arcade platform, I have changed tactics and just ordered a Pi3B+. I really want to use GPIO for the controls so I can remove the USB encoder.

    I will use a Lenovo T430 laptop connected to our main TV for console emulation (4x PS3 controllers). This has Intel HD4000 GPU so it handles most everything that I care about.


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