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Vice c64 save game/states?

  • Hello everbody

    I try few time to save game states at vice c64 but anything is wrong. but what?

    Pi Model or other hardware: Abox Raspberry pi 3 b+
    Power Supply used: 5.0 V 3000mA
    RetroPie Version Used: retropie-4.4-rpi2_rpi3
    Built From: SD Image form Retropie Site
    USB Devices connected:Hama wifi Keyboard
    Controller used: sony ps4 wireless dualshock 4
    Emulator: Vice x64

    I can play roms without problems but when i try save/load states with snapshot quick or normal i dont no were is the file and when i create self a vsf file and try to load then crash back to gamelist.

    I have read this theard:

    I try to make the same think how in the video but i think i make anything wrong but where.


    1. I download retropie image put him to sd.
      2.Config language, location, wifi, timezone.
    2. I update retropie then update script.
    3. Go to manage packages, optional packages and install vice.
    4. I put roms with Filezilla in folder roms/c64.
    5. 6.key assignment on the controller.

    so far ok
    but save or load i can't do it or i don't how

    I hope one understands me and can help me

    greeting painkiller81

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