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How to map player 1 and player 2 with coin arcade buttons and joystick

  • Hi,

    I have an issue with mapping all of my arcade buttons - joystick seems ok sometimes tho it goes in reverse meaning the up and down get switched.

    So currently using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ with retropie i have an retro arcade unit with two player.
    Each player has 1 button for (start or player 1 and 2) with action 4 buttons and a coin button at the bottom. I'm having a really hard time configuring all of them or at least the player 1 and 2 and the coin button. Any ideas?
    I have#nes - snes and mame

  • Global Moderator

    Can you give more details about your setup - ?
    Did you configure your gamepads using the Input Configuration in Emulationstation ? Do the controllers work there ?

  • Hi Yes sorry about that. here are the details:
    Raspberry Pi 3b+
    retropie 4.4
    both joysticks work using Input config from Emulationstation (although when i reboot one controller reverses the up / down)
    i am also able to configure some buttons but in emulationstation, however i don't see one for Player 1 - player 2 and coin button

    ES input config seems so basic - i was using hyperspin on my pc and the input config was way better.

    pic of my setup

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    The input configuration in Emulationstation is geared towards a gamepad, not an arcade panel. You didn't specify which emulator are you using, but the arcade emulators run by RetroArch are using Select for Coin and Start for what I imagine you mean 'Player1/Player2'.

    You can always open the RetroArch GUI while in-game (Hotkey + X, usually Select + X) and then re-map your buttons from the Input menu. Or, if you're running a MAME emulator like mame2003, mame2010, advmame, etc. then you can attach a keyboard and press TAB to get the MAME input configuration menu.

  • Awesome - thank you i will give that a try!

  • @fabthegamer LOVE the cabinet! Used to play the game competing against a friend (a great game for deliberately trying to kill the other player)

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