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Selph's Scraper cannot parse response: "invalid character 'V' looking for beginning of value".

  • So I set up Retropie on Debian, and so far it all worked like charm, until I got to scraping.
    The first systems were scraped from via the retropie-setup tool without flaws (gamegear, gb, gba, gbc, genesis, master system, n64, nds, neo geo), but in the middle of neo geo pocket color, I started getting the following response for EVERY rom:

    ERR: error processing [rom path]: ss: cannot parse response: "invalid character 'V' looking for beginning of value"

    So, the second half of my ngpc roms, as well as pc, psp, psx, saturn, sega32x and segacd were not scraped at all, because every last rom gave out that error message.
    The errors first happened friday night, but now it's saturday evening and it still occurs, even if I scrape only 1 of these systems.

    It's a rather cryptic message so I doubt it's helpful, but I would appreciate any ideas on how to fix it.

  • I've just run in to same, but have 'F' for my character. I had several scrapes with videos with no errors.
    Have reinstalled Selph's Scraper, deleted out previous gamelist.xml and images and trying to scrape just one system and continue to get same error. Will continue to troubleshoot and will repost with any positive progress.

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    @cbe This seems to happen when the ScreenScraper's site is overloaded and it refuses new connections from unregistered users. Are you using ScreenScraper as source for scraping ?

  • @mitu I'm using Console Source (ScreenScraper) and Arcade Source (ArcadeItalia)

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    @cbe So probably the error is from ScreenScraper. The original topic started error

    ERR: error processing [rom path]: ss: cannot parse response: "invalid character 'V' looking for beginning of value"

    means the errors comes from the ss scraping module (ScreenScraper).

    Try again later to scrape and maybe the ScreenScraper site will not be so busy.

  • Yes. This is simply about waiting for the server to not be overloaded if not registered user. I've seen the 'V' now as well as messaging about not being a registered user. Evenings are working best in my particular time zone.

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