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PSPi Version 2.0 - Raspberry Pi Zero in a PSP - Project is Now Complete!

  • Hey guys. Here is my PSPi Version 2. This one has all the same features as 1.0 and more.

    The build guide and list of materials can be found on my site. Head over there and make your own PSPi.

    Features and Details:
    4.3" Composite LCD (This is a backup camera LCD in China that I'm happy with so far)
    Completely gutted, only original parts are the buttons and button boards.
    GPIO audio output with Class D stereo amplifier
    Working microUSB port on top
    The Sony Memory Card converted to microSD and wired to the Pi Zero
    Original power jack is used to charge
    Momentary press of power button turns the console on and off. Pushing the button when the Pi is on issues a shutdown command and properly powers everything off once shutdown completes.
    Controls wired directly to GPIO pins
    2 cell phone batteries in parallel for extended play time
    Low battery warning LED that doubles as a charging LED

  • @adamspc Sounds like a cool project. Ironically, it won't be able to play PSP games when you're all done as PSP is not even optimized for the RPi3 let alone the zero.

  • @adamspc Great project! Maybe this will kick me in the but to build my hand held game console. Could you put a BOM(bill of materials) as you go? That way the viewers at home can play along!

  • @glennlake
    Hmm...I might be able to do that. Anyone else interested in this?

  • @adamspc

    defo! Always love detailed boms and tons of pictures! Especially interested in the lcd, if you're still using one of them 3.5" composite screens it'd be good to know which one, just too many of them look the same from the exterior.

  • Some new pics are up

  • @adamspc I give... Where can I see them? :-}

  • @glennlake
    I edited the original post instead of posting a new reply.
    Also, as for the BOM...

    This list is not 100% complete, but its a good start for now.

    link deleted

  • @adamspc thanks!

  • I said it before in the v1.0 thread but man, I have to say it again here too.


    Your dedication and patience is simply incredible!

    Thanks for documenting with photos, we all know how long this takes, I am very grateful, thank you mate :)

  • @PingSpike
    I really appreciate the kind words. I've posted some new photos. Hope you enjoy them.

  • I have to ask a question. Why are people modding psps to use pi zeros in. I mod all kinds of systems withe pi's and pi zeros but I have a psp go that can play far more than a pi zero can. It emulates ps1 games perfectly plays psp, neo geo, and others that the pi zero cant emulate so im just not sure why people are hacking up psp's to make it a lesser capable system??

  • holy bejeezuz mother of pearl.

    I have nothing of intelligence to add to this.

    If you gave me a kit with instructions, I'm sure I could make it... but I cant imagine being the creator.
    Nothing of intelligence to add to this.

  • @pimpmaul69
    A broken PSP doesn't play any games at all. This takes a broken PSP and turns in into something new. The case it perfect for this project. The 4.3 inch LCD is far better for playing games than any Gameboy screen. The only purpose the PSP serves it to hold the components. This is more than just a game emulator too...its a computer. Anyone else wanna chime in?

  • @pimpmaul69 You are assuming these PSPs are alive and working . Last I looked on eBay you can get a dead one for 3 bucks. If the case is in one piece it golden. Plus the satisfaction of building something of your own creation! My hat's off to all the hacker/builders here! I see adamspc is of the same mind.

  • Yeah, it doesn't matter if it can't play PSP games, is just impressive you can shoehorn it all inside the casing! Do you have anything between the pi and the audio bits? I know you can reassign the gpio to get the audio signal, but does the amp act as the filtering circuit, or am i jumping a few steps?

  • @moosepr Adafruit has an amp the takes the digital audio and converts it to analog. I haven't tried it yet but it's on order.

  • @glennlake
    I will have to look into this. If it doesn't take the pins I'm going to use for the joystick or controls then this might work pretty well. It looks like it could be using GPIO pins 18 and 13, which are the ones used for audio on the Pi. The price is definitely reasonable. the only down side is that it is mono and not stereo.

  • @moosepr
    The amp I'm using can be driven directly from the GPIO, but there is a little buzz in the speakers. I've wired capacitors between the GPIO and the amp and it cuts down on the buzzing substantially, but it also lowers the volume a little. Not too much of an issue since the volume level is still fine. I'm still tinkering with a filter and I'll post my results when I begin wiring the audio on this one.

  • The post has been updated. Also, I moved all the pictures and most of the tutorial to Google Docs to reduce clutter on the forum. I hope everyone is happy with this change. The pics in Google Docs have also been resized because they were taking a while to load. 10 megapixel was a bit much, so they have been lowered to 1 megapixel.

    Feedback (or criticism) is welcome. Thanks guys.

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