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Do I need to re config emulators?

  • After updating my raspberry pi I noticed some emulators not working properly some not even starting after I press the start button the emulator plays but I stay stuck on the "press start" screen sounds good and looks good do I need to re configure all the emulators? by the way the ones that dont work were the N64 emulators

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    @tr00p3r Which emulators are not working ? Did you update also the RetroPie packages ? What controller are you using ?
    Please give more details about your system, as detailed in

  • @mitu its actually a pre build I bought on Amazon 1up raspberry pi 3bt handheld no controllers are being used at the moment and yea I updated retropie the os packages and everything else is up to date

  • @tr00p3r you won’t get much help here using a prebuilt 3rd party configuration. Only the official image is supported here. Maybe reimagined from the builders image and don’t update. I did that with my free play zero build and any issues I contacted them at free play zero. we have no idea whats in that 3rd party build.

  • @lostless well thank you for taking your time to answer me man seems like this forum is against 3rd parties sadly I'm bearly getting into raspberry pi and I figured getting a pre built one for now would be a great start just because the setup kitsch look a bit intimidating lol thanks again I guess I'll be trying a different website

  • @tr00p3r well the fun part with the officials image is that you can mess with it as many times you like. And through messing with it, you learn how the system functions. Basically learning the basics of retropie. I’ve messed up configs so many times in the beginning, lol. But hen when it comes to 3rd party images made for, let’s say my free play zero gba, it gives me direction to look for issues, instead of just being blind to the complexities that makes retro pie.
    The raspberry pie was designed to teach people how to code and configure computers. In my case, I’ve learned quite a bit here configuring my pi’s to my liking. Playing games is just a very fun side effect. Good luck 👍

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