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  • Hi all,

    I've been using RetroPie for sometime, installed on a Pi3 on top of OSMC for sometime. I had some SD card corruption, and a new version of OSMC was released so I thought I would start from scratch.

    I've installed on top of OSMC using the install scripts, and everything is fine except for PSX emulation - and I can't suss it out. Install lr-pcsx-rearmed from binary crashes back to emulationstation before starting any game, and building from source likewise fails.

    Log from the source build is at [](link url)

    Basic info for my system is:-
    Pi model - 3B+
    Power Supply - 3A wall plug
    RetroPie version 4.4.4
    Built from RetroPieSetup script
    USB Devices connect: LIRC reciever, USB HDD

    Any help is appreciated, would love to get PSX launching again!

  • Global Moderator

    Try updating the RetroPie-Setup script to the latest version and then installing from source again.

  • That seems to have worked @mitu , thanks.

    However, the script didn't want to update at first, I had to do a "git stash" beforehand as an error was thrown up over lots of updated files

    Playing again now though, so happy!

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