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Pegasus Metadata Editor

  • I've made a small graphical tool for editing the Metadata files of the Pegasus frontend (thread, site). Like Pegasus, it's also open source and runs on all of the same platforms too (Linux, Raspberry, Android, Windows, macOS*, and possibly more). Hope this makes managing the files easier!

    screenshot 1
    screenshot 2

    The current releases can be found here: (click "Assets" -- I'll make some nice webpage for it too when I have time).
    Like Pegasus, it's only a single executable you can extract and run from anywhere (or an APK for Android).

    The program is still in beta however, here are some of the current limitations:

    • Some platforms have not yet been tested
    • There's no Mac build yet, will come in the next days
    • App icons are the same as Pegasus
    • There's no Undo function
    • At the moment, it is not possible to change the manually set game assets (asset.something fields). However entries already in the file it will be preserved.
    • It is not possible to change the extra entries (x-something fields). However entries already in the file it will be preserved.

    There may also be bugs or glitches, so feel free to report any issues, and also make sure to have backups of your files. Have fun!

  • @fluffypillow on Android when you press the field to fill out the keyboard doesn't pop up

  • @jerzeeloon Thanks, will look into it.

  • Update: the Android bug has been found by now, it just takes a bit of time to fix due to the builds being slow (and thus testing things takes more time).

  • Oh man I'm excited to try this out. Thanks a lot for getting to this. I think it will help a lot.

  • Ok, took way too much time, but the Android keyboard should be fixed now.

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