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  • Re: Xbox 360 config menu- left trigger causes right trigger slot to get skipped
    Retropi version 4.4.13 last
    last Commit: 2 days ago (fc7ec3a)
    Built From: Stock Debian buster (10)
    well i guess this issue is back but I am on the atomic pi running Debian Linux 10 (buster) the left trigger is being treated as - and + so im unable to do the right trigger is there a solution to this? issue i just built the retro-pi via the script a few days ago and i have enabled the xboxdrv and done it more than once to try to make sure it was enabled. my only solution right now is to skip setup on those to triggers .

  • Global Moderator

    @tylerhoot xboxdrv is not an Xbox driver (!). Remove the driver, than re-install the xpad driver, it should make the shoulder triggers act as buttons instead of axis.

  • well i just double checked which one i have just remove xboxdrv and tried to install xpad but ran in to the package that is unavailable of the linux-headers-generic and what i have been reading it is not available on Debian it goes by the Linux version and the architecture.

    well i manuly installed dkms then had to go in to the script in the retropi setup for xpad and comment out the depenicy for linux-headers-generic since the needed linux-headers for the current linux verson was automatically installed when i manually installed dkms so i commented it out so the installer would continue and install xpad and that worked.

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