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Unable to mount a share containing roms

  • Hello,

    I created an SMB share from a RasberryPi3B (RP3) that I want to connect to on my RetroPie (retro).

    My SMB conf on the RP3 looks like:

    Comment = Shared Folder
    Path = /mnt/external
    Browseable = yes
    Writeable = Yes
    only guest = no
    create mask = 0777
    directory mask = 0777
    Public = yes
    Guest ok = yes

    My roms on my RaspberryPi3 are located at /mnt/external/roms/. Permissions for that directory are 1777.

    When trying to connect from the Retropie to the RP3 from retro, I am trying to use the following command:

    sudo mount -t cifs -o username=something,password=something,nounix,noserverino //RP3/mnt/external/roms /home/pi/RetroPie/roms

    yet I always receive:

    mount error (2) No such file or directory

    Ive tried following this guide with no help:

    Does anyone have a way to fix this or a nice tutorial I can follow? Much thanks in advance.

  • administrators

    @jl2383 you should mount the share name not the path. So //RPI3/share

  • @BuZz I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the help

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