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Not booting at all on a Pi3 B+

  • Hi all,

    Attempting my first build and using the following:

    Pi Model or other hardware: Pi3 B+
    Power Supply used: Official Raspberry Pi 5v 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: direct download from retropie site, md5sum: 56988addb60361a2257a61c69d9fceac

    The image has been extracted from the zip file, written onto two different sd cards (both on the approved list, Sandisk 32GB's formatted in FAT32) - once with etcher and another with win32disk, just to try as many variables as possible - but when everything is plugged in, all I get on is the red power LED on constantly.

    Any ideas about what could be the issue here?

  • Global Moderator

    According to the Docs your power supply is faulty or the PI doesn't get enough power.

  • No, the red light was on constantly so not a power supply issue.

    Oddly enough, it's sorted now thanks to the powers of YouTube (see this video:

    ). Pulled the SD card contacts a bit and we're away!

  • @fiatfan
    Semper fi.

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