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Crazy Iji related question

  • I have a super-weird question. I've been thinking about this for quite a while.

    Iji is a free game available for Windows and can be downloaded and installed normally, I guess.

    Could a program like this that comes in a .zip file be extracted to run (generally) on Linux? I'm guessing, unless the programmer specifically made it using a program that RetroPie/Linux can properly understand then probably not. I'm guessing if it did work I could just transfer the .zip to the Pixel desktop and unzip the file? What's the probability of it installing and being playable if it was placed in the Ports directory and running from the RetroPie UI?

    Someone tell me this is completely farcical and I'll quit thinking about this. I'd like to play Iji but I really would rather not play at my computer and I'd somehow (probably not gonna happen) like to get it on my Raspberry Pi and have it available through my mini-console.

    It's also very possibly that a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ won't be able to run the game at all and that would make me give up.

    A guy can dream, eh?

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    @ultrakev9 No, it will not run on RetroPie. You can run Windows binaries under Linux using Wine, however Wine on Raspbian doesn't run out-of-the-box - it needs a special Kernel and you'll need to run it under the Desktop.
    There was a topic last year about running Diablo (II ?) under Wine in Raspbian, which detailed what you need to do in order to make Wine work.

    However, as an alternative, you can use Steamlink and stream your game from your PC to the Pi - it will use the RetroPie controller and TV output.

  • That isn't that weird. The windows executable will not work on native linux and is not compiled for arm processor architecture. The source code is available but I don't know how it would be made to work on linux.

  • Thanks for the replies. I could see a game like Diablo 2 having serious issues running but Iji is only like 30mb and packs an enormous amount of retro style gaming in a very tiny package.

    I'll look in to the Steamlink streaming aspect. That might be a viable alternative.

    I have downloaded the game and it runs perfectly fine on my Windows 10 PC and if worse came to worse I could use my Elite controller. Guess it doesn't surprise me it wouldn't work on Linux but I was a little shocked when I noticed the entire game as one .exe file and had to ask someone with better knowledge than myself.

  • If an linux binary with arm support exist you might be in luck, if not then you will be looking at compiling and building from source and that will only happen on a Raspberry Pi, if the games sources files is compatible with cmake and the libraries needed in order to successfully build a working linux binary to run the game.

    If you dont have any experience with compiling and building from source or use of linux commands, then someone else could perhaps help you out and try to see if it builds or not.

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    The game is built using the GameMaker engine - so even if the game is open source, the aforementioned framework AFAIK does not have support for the PI (though they have Android working, so ARM/GLES is supported).

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