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xwiigun - a line-of-sight accurate Wii remote lightgun hack

  • Hi,

    I've been working on getting a Wii remote to work as a cheap line-of-sight accurate lightgun and I was forwarded here from Reddit if there are more people interested in this project.

    It's not using a dolphin bar or the original Wii sensor bar, it's based on a custom LED array around the screen to calculate the real position where the remote is aiming at. It works fairly well and the code can still be improved a lot. Latest changes provide a uinput touchscreen mouse emulation which works better across different setups.

    Here's the code:
    Here's the demo:

    Here's an accuracy and latency test:

    If you have some IR LEDs and a soldering iron it's trivial to get this going. The GitHub wiki has some schematics.

    How's the mouse/lightgun support in RetroPie? From my initial testing the cursor seems to be forced on and it doesn't seem to use real screen position of an absolute mouse input and aiming is way off for me but I haven't dug deep yet.

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