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Which emulators benefit from Vulkan (x86)?

  • Which emulators benefit, run better with Vulkan drivers?
    At the moment I don't have Vulkan installed on my Ubuntu 18.04.2 x86 machine but are there any advantages if I do install Vulkan? Which emulators are happy with Vulkan?

    Intel NUC7
    i5 7260U / 8GB ram / Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640

  • @Panja
    I might have used it on my phone once, but I don't know how it compares. The driver I mentioned earlier, I really don't know if the emulators make calls to it or if the emulators use their own version compiled and built in, I don't know much about how the linux device hardware system interfaces.

    Dolphin(Gamecube & Wii)
    lr-parallel64 - fork of mupen64plus

  • @Efriim

    Thanks again mate!

  • @Panja

    Vulkan on Dolphin standalone isnt straightforward and i believe you mentioned using this emu in a past thread.
    You need to go into home/.dolphin-emu/Config/Config.ini and search for (near the bottom) GFXBackend which will be blank like:
    GFXBackend =
    Fill out
    GFXBackend = Vulkan

    To switch back either replace Vulkan with OpenGL, or leave it blank as it was before. I noticed a pretty ok performance difference in FZero GX, but im also running in 4k internal.

    lr-beetle-psx, bsnes and i believe lr-mupen64plus supports vulkan as well though i dont think youll see much of a difference. Note that if you switch to the vulkan driver that you must use GLSL shaders with that core instead of the standard as they do not work.

    pcsx2-unstable (1.5.0) does not seem to support vulkan at this time nor does the version in the setup script 1.4.0.

  • @Parabolaralus

    Many thanks! Useful info as well.

    I do use Dolphin indeed.
    Backend is blank in Dolphin-GUI if I recall correctly.
    Blank is OpenGL, is that correct?

  • @Panja Thats correct! I dont know why that is greyed out by default when the feature is there, but at least you can still enable it anyhow.

  • @Parabolaralus

    Cheers mate!
    Gonna have a look.

  • @Efriim said in Which emulators benefit from Vulkan (x86)?:

    lr-Kronos(Sega Saturn) - In development

    The author showed interest in it and bought a book for this purpose, but development hasn't started yet. That's why i said in that it was added on the roadmap but to not ask for an ETA, at the very least don't expect anything this year.

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