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3ds emulation on pi4

  • @Elikay The game people most care about (Zelda OOT and MM) require the touchscreen a lot. No way you can do that with a controller.

  • @mick Both of those can already be emulated through the N64 emulator, and MM for example, is objectively better on the N64 as the 3DS version had some broken mechanics. Pokemon on the other hand is only for the DS and 3DS. Also I forgot to mention yesterday, there are touch screen devices for the raspberry pi. We shouldn't write off emulation support for the DS just because of some games not being playable, if there are some that still can be played.

  • I just saw about the 3D. Impossible. The 3DS uses a special screen to make it appear as if it's 3D. You need a TV which would be practically made (or a monitor) for 3DS emulation. Maybe 3D mode on some TVs or monitors, but not the authentic style of the handheld system!

  • Since you have dual output on the pi 4 i wonder if you could use it to do nds/ 3ds emulation that's given the pi 4 could handle it

  • @TheBossT You never heard about Citra?

  • Although I still prefer running those games directly from a DS or a 3DS (since I have both portables and played a lot of games on my portable consoles), it doesn't mean that it's impossible to adapt raspberry pi into running those games with comfort.

    About the screens, surely DS and 3DS have two screens, one on top of each other. So, using TVs in vertical wide screen position would render black bars on the sides, which is a big waste of space. And although you can configure the screens to show side-to-side, it still isn't the best screen configuration for most games. In Contra 4, per example, when you are in the bottom screen and tries to go up, you will be in the upper part of the scenario.

    However, what if you have one of those horizontal monitors (or even configure a TV to show images horizontally, just like some older SHMUP arcade games)? Just like this:

    horizontal monitor

    You could use those to show both screens one on top of each other, just like an original DS game. That would be a great way of playing sidescroller platform games such as Castlevanias, Megaman ZX and so on.

    About touch screen, that would be the tricky part. Most DS games uses touch screen for a lot of actions, so you'd have to figure out a way of control the touch screen from your controller. lr-desmume, per example, allows you to map the right analog to control the cursor in the bottom screen, and the right analog stick button to press the screen. This way, games with simpler touch actions would work fine. But there's a lot of DS games that uses the touch screen in a lot of different ways (some are really hardcore, such as Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow or Elite Beat Agents), so in those cases, you'd need to add a touch screen in your RPi, or use a mouse for those tasks.

    Luckily, for 3DS, the use of touch screen controls decreased a lot, and most games in that portable console make use mainly of buttons, just like consoles. So, most games use touch screen for simpler actions, such as choosing items or change equipments, and then the "right analog stick to control touch screen" approach would work just fine for most games.

    Anyway, that's it. You can use RPi for DS and 3DS games with a bit of creativity, but for 3DS, firstly you gotta check if RPi4 has enough firepower for running Citra. If that's true, then it'd be awesome. And it'd mean that RPi4 has potential for running not only 3DS, but even Gamecube or Wii games through Dolphin Emulator. Maybe even PS2 through PCSX2, but only time will tell.

  • @randomCharacter I have. In fact, I've used it!

  • @TheBossT Then you understand that it can be played on any screen. Yes you will lose authentic 3D effect that original have, but you will still be able to play the games.

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  • no$gba or something similar had 3ds support on windows, and it works suprisingly well with the mouse as how to access the touchscreen, im sure similar on pi4 would be easily possible from a tech point of view, but from a power point of view im not sure.

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