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Problems with PSX Controller Configuration

  • Hey, first of all, I'm sorry for my weak English.

    I will report my problem quickly.

    This is the first time I install the retropie and try to configure it. I got perfect working with the SNES and NEO-GEO emulators.

    But with the PSX emulator only a few buttons of my control work, such as directional, analog and the X button (psx button), all other buttons do not work, this in all games I tested (Crash 2, for example). I performed the configuration of the control for the first time and in several frustrated attempts I tried to configure using Hotkey + Y> controls or settings> input

    Why does not the start, square, triangle, circle button work and only the directives and X work?

    I am using a generic usb control of Playstation 2.


  • Global Moderator

    @bieelff Which emulator are you using for PS1 games - pcsx_rearmed or lr-pcsx_rearmed ? Can you try re-configuring the controller, during the configuration skip the Hotkey assignment and then accept the 'Use Select as Hotkey' settings ?

  • @bieelff also set the face buttons up like a snes controller and not an xbox controller. Then you dont have to remap them in the emulators.

  • After spending the weekend thinking about which procedure was done wrong, I remembered that I performed many installations and updates hoping to fix the problem, so I downloaded a clean .img and installed it again. After reinstalling the OS the control worked correctly, thank you anyway.

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