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Emulationstation Favorites Menu

  • I'm running ES on my arcade cabinet and it's looking pretty clean. I'm using a "Carbon" based theme for vertical monitors called Verticarbon on Retropie/3B+. One thing that annoys the crap outta me though is how it adds the gamelist title after each and every game. So basically since I'm only running arcade games on an arcade cabinet, I get dozens of arcade games with "[ARCADE]" written afterwards. It looks something like this:

    Centipede [ARCADE]
    Galaga [ARCADE]
    Pac Man [ARCADE]
    Space Invaders [ARCADE]

    Makes sense for somebody using multiple gamelists, but I just have "Favorites", "Arcade", and "Options" on my menu. Can anyone help me get things looking like this?

    Pac Man
    Space Invaders

    I know how to edit config files but system/cpp files not so much. That said, the perfectionist in me would be willing to learn.

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    The name of the system [ARCADE] appears only if your games are in a collection. If you already have just one system (arcade), then browse the system and you shouldn't have this problem.

  • Is there any chance to remove that tag in a multi system collection?

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    @chicuelo said in Emulationstation Favorites Menu:

    Is there any chance to remove that tag in a multi system collection?

    I think the tag makes it easier - in a multi system collection - to differentiate between games - i.e if I create a Megaman collection, I want to know to which system that Megaman game belongs. You mean the other way around ?

  • @mitu I think the snap shows you with system it belongs. But it could be great if you have the option to remove that tag

  • @mitu I'm not sure I understand. Are you suggesting I stop using the favorites menu to solve the problem? Just because it is a single system collection doesn't mean it isn't hundreds of games. I use the favorites menu (with 20 games or so on it) frequently, and will continue to do so. For this purpose, the tag is an undesired feature.

  • It seems there have been others looking to remove these tags before me:

    As you know these auto collections are compiled by using <favorite>true</favorite> syntax in the arcade gamelist. Setting up a new "system" with a unique gamelist would remove all user functionality of being able to add or remove favorites from within the UI

  • If a PR for that change as an option is created over on GitHub, I'll gladly test it and approve it. Happy to guide anyone through that process in terms of finding the right code.

    Other than that, the fact that some others have been looking to remove that is not enough to revert what was a deliberate design decision that has, for the most part (comparatively speaking in terms of number of people using RetroPie vs number of people commenting on removing those tags) been effective in what it has set out to accomplish for the majority of users.

    Don't read my comment as anything other than attempting to state facts and pointing people in the right direction if this is something they would like to pursue and create. I just do not have the time to explore that or make that happen at the moment, and - as I said - it's not a use case that has come up enough times for me to prioritize.

    You may also use a Filter in the Arcade menu for your specific use case, to just show favorites in that system, though I imagine that persistence is important for you, hence using the Favorites system.


  • @pjft I'm not knocking the logic of whoever developed this feature. It serves a clear purpose for those choosing to use ES for multi-system collections, which is likely the majority of users. It is strange to think it is not more common for arcade cabinets to be dedicated exclusively to arcade games. With that said, last night I updated the -dev build to implement favorite selection in kiosk mode, and I recall this is thanks to you. I will follow your advice on making a PR.

  • @Polybius22 By all means. As I said, I'm not against having that as an option. It's just that my time is fairly limited these days, so I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that this is something I'd pick up anytime soon.

    If you need help, let me know. I believe the hardest part for someone who doesn't know the code base is actually just implementing the option - adding the system is a one line thing somewhere over FileData or similar. Happy to guide you through that if it helps.


  • Dunno if this is new but;
    Menu, Game Collection Settings, Show System Name in Collections [off]
    Works for me ;)

  • @Ju5t1n This posts is before retropie allows you to disable system name collections, now is easily changeable

  • @chicuelo lost me there, I found the other post useful.

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